Training & Education

Training & Education

CTTCI  has the capabilities to provide management, human resources and EMS consulting services. CTTCI is also available to provide OSHA compliance services as well as review and/or develop necessary policies, procedures as needed and required.

CTTCI has provided services such as a study of the delivery of paramedic services to an EMS service area, to the delivery of a  Bio Terrorism Planning and Training program for the Chatham Health District.  CTTCI has also been engaged to review, recommend revisions, and / or development of the Standing Operating Procedures for a local Emergency Service organization.

CTTCI can also serve as an Emergency Medical Services Expert Witness specifically in the areas of: Emergency Medical Services, EMT/Paramedic Standard of Care, EMT/Paramedic Misconduct, Ambulance Driving/Operations, Patient Transportation, Patient Care Documentation, Electronic Patient Care Record, Medical Consent, EMT/Paramedic Training & Education, CPR/AED, and Patient Lifting/Carrying.

Connecticut Training and Consulting Institute has become recognized for its ability to keep services current and cutting edge in the ever-changing field of EMS.  Members of our staff are actively involved in various local and state EMS committees affording us an ability to ‘stay in the know’.

Is your service compliant with it’s written Connecticut EMS Plan?  If not, CTTCI can help.

CTTCI can:

  • Assess your call volume and metric to improve your staffing patterns and response times
  • Assist with QA/QI services, and
  • Provide or create in house training programs (live or online)

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