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Our Mission

Emergency Resource Management provides a suite of EMS consultancy solutions and staffing services for healthcare agencies. We organize the many facets of EMS Operations as well as People Operations to make managing them a stress-free experience for our partners. Through consistent, comprehensive, and cooperative services we are able to help the communities in which we live.


Robert M. Zeigler

Robert M. Zeigler

Principal Owner

Bob has 43 years of active EMS and Fire Service experience in addition to administrative, supervisory, and leadership experience on Regional, County and State levels. Mr. Ziegler is currently certified as an EMS Instructor and Licensed as a Paramedic.

Mr. Ziegler served as President of Mid-State Regional EMS Council for four years and as a Board member of the Eastern EMS Council for four years. Prior to the Councils re-alignment, Mr. Ziegler was appointed to the South-Central EMS Council’s Regional Advisory Board and the South-Central Regional EMS Council’s Training Committee. Mr. Ziegler is Legislatively appointed as a regular voting member of the State’s EMS Advisory Board (CEMSAB). He is a member of the Emergency Planning Committee, Regionalization Sub-Committee and the MCI Sub-Committee. Mr. Ziegler is also an appointed principal on the NFPA 450 Technical Committee for EMS. Mr. Ziegler is a member of the National EMS Managers Association (NEMSMA) and in 2017 successfully passed the credentialing process to be a Supervising EMS Officer (SEMSO).


Our Core Values


Belief in innovation as a mindset. Innovation starts from an eagerness to make things better or do things differently to maintain our commitment to service excellence. 


With team members and organizational alliances, we build consensus from an openness to the diversity of people and ideas, leading to inventive outcomes that exceed expectations.


Create a safe, healthy community that welcomes and embraces all that is fully within each of us while carrying trust, respect, and personal accountability throughout the organization. Create balance and belonging through communication of the strategy to all members of the organization and enable people to better understand their whole-self contributions.


Develop efficient services that meet the client’s present needs while preparing them to evolve into the future.


Adapting our products and services to the individual client and keeping them calibrated to the ever-changing labor landscape. Providing our team members options for a healthy work-life balance to keep them engaged, productive, and prepared.

Ethical Conduct

Leading with integrity as a driving force of the organization. Empowering responsible conduct, thought, and actions throughout systems and team members. 

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